Who are we?

Gost Standard S.r.l. is an independent certification body with more than 10 years of experience, specializing in countries belonging to the Eurasian Economic Union. Within its sphere of action, it has managed to consolidate itself as a leading company in Italy, with its main areas of work being the local Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, business associations in Northern Italy, as well as large business groups, such as Fiat.

The company was created out of the work of Dr. Sergio Russo, a former manager of the Ministry of Finance Customs Department, and resident in Russia for several years. The company quickly became a business group with a presence in Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as in Italy, Spain, and France. Gost Standard offers constant support to its clients all over the world (both during and after the certification process).

At present, the Gost Standard group has 140 professionals in its complex, which makes it possible to achieve efficient, secure, and speedy results, far superior to those of their competitors. On the Italian version of Gost Standard’s website, you can access the profiles of their most outstanding collaborators.

Our main competences
EAC Certification
GOST R Certification
GOST K, GOST B, etc Certifications
Other CSI Certifications

Security and speed

When an exporting company needs a certificate to access the Russian market, then time is a crucial factor. It isn’t the most important thing, as the reliability of the company is of prime importance. However, a very close second is the importance of getting the desired document quickly, and respecting the agreed deadlines.

Large and international certification companies, more than meet the exporter’s expectations of successfully completing the certification process. However, they do not guarantee to do this in the shortest possible timeframe. This happens because they operate with local contacts that tend to create bureaucratic mechanisms more typical of the state environment than of a private company. In addition, they often have to resort to more than one local partner to issue a single certificate, and this creates considerable delays.

Gost Standard was created with the aim of integrating, in a single business group, all the non-state parties involved in the certification process. In this way, we reduce the time to carry out all the necessary procedures for our clients. We are their only contact with the world of Russian certification, and we take care of everything rapidly and efficiently.

Different parties, a single business group

All the companies that belong to the Gost Standard group maintain their total independence. However, whenever there is a dispute between, for example, the certification laboratory and the applicant, both parties have an interest in solving the problem efficiently and expeditiously. Small certifying companies (very active on the Internet), which control only the first phases of the procedure, and large multinational certifying companies, that operate with a plethora of local partners, often face a real stalemate, and problems that seem to be unending.

But what are the different parties that the certification of a product depends on?

🔵 In the first place, if we apply for an EAC certificate, it is essential to have an applicant (заявитель in Russian). He or she must be a legal resident in one of the Eurasec countries (EASEC), and they are the ones who submit the complete documentation to the relevant authorities. He or she is the guarantor, and is primarily responsible for ensuring that the information in the application is truthful. There are four companies in the Gost Standard group that carry out this procedure; they are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh and Volgograd.

Russian Laboratory for EAC and GOST Certification
Russian Laboratory for EAC and GOST Certification

🔵 Secondly, the certification laboratory carries out checks on the samples sent by the customer (if necessary), as well as studying the technical documentation that accompanies the products to be certified. The accredited laboratories of the Gost Standard group are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh and Astana.

🔵 Thirdly, we have the certification body (орган по сертификации in Russian), which is the organization that physically issues the certificate, after receiving the institutional OK. This essentially bureaucratic procedure can waste time for clients who are in a hurry to receive their certificate. At Gost Standard, we have certification bodies in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, and Novosibirsk.

It’s the peace of mind of working with a single company, responsible for all the phases of the certification process, which has led large companies such as Fiat to entrust their procedures to us. If you still have any further questions, or would like to hire our services, use the contact form to get in touch with us.