The vast majority of certificates that a company may need to export to Russia and the Eurasian Union are stored in online databases that can be easily queried. For those who know the Russian language a little, these are very useful tools in order to check the validity of the certifications obtained. Here are the links to the most important official Russian websites.

❶ Link to find an EAC Declaration of Conformity

❷ Link to find an EAC Certificate of Conformity

Link to find a State Registration issued in Russia
This last link is subject to change. Please let us know if it stops working.

Link to find a State Registration issued in Kyrgyzstan

❺ Link to access to the Register of Acceditated Entities (RAL)
To verify the accreditations of the technical laboratories and the applicants.

❻ Calculator to determine the Category of application of the CUTR 032/2013
More info in this post about the EAC Regulation on Pressure Equipments.

Link to find a FSB Notification
This is an almost mandatory document in order to export Radiofrequency Devices to Russia.

❽ Link to the Medical Devices Register

❾ Link to the Authorized Exporters by Rosselkhoznadzor
Mandatory in order to export Petfood to Russia.